About Us

A platform of next-generation sustainable infrastructure businesses

What We Do

Project Development
Project Development
  • Originate, structure and finance, and develop or co-develop projects
Project Services
Project Services
  • Manage the delivery, commissioning and operation of projects
Technology Commercialization
  • Develop first and early stage commercial plants
  • Develop end-use markets for plant by-products

Platform Management Team

Andrew Wilder

Aaron Ratner

Rishi Jain
Managing Director,
Business Development

David Robbins
General Counsel

Ian McComiskie
Director, Project Finance

Steve Kane
Managing Director,
Project Services


To be catalysts for:

The Transition to Renewable Energy

The Effort to Make Sustainable Sources of Food Abundant

The Elimination of Waste Through Conversion into Valuable By-products

The Improvement of Air Quality Through the Capture and Utilization of GHG’s